You Have Questions...We Have Answers!

Does my snowboard have to be new?

No! That’s the great feature of BoardSkins. It allows you to keep your great quality board, but give it new, hip graphics!

I have never applied a BoardSkin before, is it hard?

No! With our detailed instructions, and informative video, you won’t have any issues. Be patient and apply the BoardSkin slowly and carefully. This will take about a half-hour to 1 hour if you have to remove bindings etc. If you are under the age of 18, be sure to get help from an adult.

Will water help?

Printed Skins must be installed DRY. Don’t use water! Water will cause the adhesive to react. Any moisture will affect the installation process. Your board must be completely clean and dry. If you have purchased a clear protective over-laminate, these require a WET installation. Please refer to your packaging for specific install instructions.

How long will my Boardskin last?

Our 3M vinyl is made to last up to 3-5 years however it really depends on the installation process and how hard your board is used. Like your existing board graphics, you have to be careful of scratches and scrapes but your BoardSkin will help to protect your existing graphics against minor damage. With the low cost of our product, and frequently updated designs, you will be tempted to update it every season!

What should I do if my BoardSkin has air bubbles in it?

Air bubbles are a very common and are just trapped air from your installation process. You can either use your utility knife, or a needle and pop the bubble carefully and then lightly press the area with your finger. Please note, using a heat gun or hair dryer at a low temperature will assist with the air bubbles.

What if the edges of my BoardSkin lift or chip?

The edges of your BoardSkin will respond very similar to the edge of your snowboard. If chipping and curling occurs, trim your BoardSkin with a utility knife on a 45 degree angle. This is the same process used in your initial installation.

Can I design my own BoardSkin?

Yes. You can design your own wrap however we have specific guidelines and specifications that your artwork must meet. We also offer custom BoardSkin designs however there will be an additional fee. Please email design@boardskins.com for more information.

What if there is residue?

Vinyl is designed to remove cleanly up to 5 years. If residue is left behind, use an adhesive remover such as goo-gone or isopropyl alcohol.

When I remove my BoardSkin can I re-use it and apply it to a different board?

No. It is not re-usable.